My name is Marcus Naylor. I would be honored to serve as your judge in the Northeast Division of King County District Court.

With over 26 years of service in King County District Court, King County Juvenile Court, and King County Superior Court, I bring knowledge and experience vital to the efficient running of the district court. Eastside citizens can rest assured their voices will be heard and justice will be served if I am elected as your district court judge.

Eastside citizens deserve a judge with broad experience in the courts of King County. During my 26 years of service with the King County Department of Public Defense I have represented thousands of juvenile and adult citizens of King County to ensure their voices were heard, that their rights were protected, and that access to justice was available to each and every citizen of this great state.

Eastside citizens deserve a judge who believes public service is an honor and a privilege. A judge should not lord over people, but serve them with integrity, impartiality, and humility.  Being a judge means you are beholden to principles of law, not the whims of the majority or those in positions of power.

Eastside citizens deserve a judge who brings empathy and compassion to the courts. As an orphan and adoptee from South Korea, I have experienced the hardship and powerlessness shared by the disenfranchised population of this state.  However, as a result of kind, gentle, and hard working parents, I have learned that no matter the background, hardships can be overcome by hard work and powerlessness can be overcome by equality and self-education.  I can truly say  I have walked in the shoes of my fellow citizens. I will let empathy and compassion be my oars, and the law my vessel.

I hope that as you learn more about my background and experience, I will earn your vote in August.

Marcus Naylor


Latest News:

A big thank you and a shout out to Judge Janet Garrow, who is retiring this year after many, many years of public service and allowing us to run for her position.  I am humbled by your endorsement, support and trust.

Thank you 45th District Democrats for your endorsement.

Thank you 41st District Democrats for your endorsement.  It was an exciting meeting last night.

“I am humbled and grateful to all of you for your support, encouragement and faith. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family, friends, and all of you who stood by me on this incredible journey. Many thanks!”

Seattle newspaper, The Stranger, endorsed me over other two candidates.  Thank you for your support and belief in my abilities.

Thank you Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen for your endorsement.

Thank you to all those who attended my kickoff and for your support.  Much appreciated.

All of you are invited to my campaign kickoff hosted by my campaign chair, Diego Vargas:Host: The Host:  The Vargas Law Firm, PLLC (425) 531-1676

  • SATURDAY, JUNE 30 FROM 4:00 PMTO 6:00 PM
  • Pogacha Restaurant,120 Northwest Gilman Boulevard, Issaquah, WA 98027

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and going on this journey together.

Thank you King County Democratic Party for your endorsement.  Thank you also to the King County Bar Association for the Exceptionally Well Qualified rating.

Thank you Joint Asian Bar Association, QLaw-LGBT Bar Association, and Latino/a Bar Association for giving me your highest rating, Exceptionally Well Qualified, for district court.

Thank you ML King County Labor Council for your endorsement. And, thank you Superior Court Judges Barbara Linde, Ken Schubert, Greg Canova (Ret), and Seattle Municipal Court Judges Ed McKenna for your endorsements.

Thank you Superior Court Judges Mary Roberts and Steve Rosen, and Seattle Municipal Court Judge C. Kimi Kondo for your endorsements.  Thank you 48th Legislative District Democrats Endorsement Committee for giving me the opportunity to interview with you today.

Thank you Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu, and Superior Court Judges Veronica Alicea-Galvan, David Keenan, John McHale, and Mariane Spearman (Ret) for your endorsements.

Thank you 5th Legislative District Democrats Endorsement Committee for the honor of interviewing with you for your endorsement.  And, thank you Seattle Marshal’s Guild for your endorsement.

Thank you Judge Linda Lau (Ret), Court of Appeals and Judge Gregg Hirakawa, King County District Court for your endorsements.

Thank you 41st Legislative Democrats Endorsement Committee for meeting with me today.  It was wonderful meeting all those that are so committed to the right process.  I hope I earn your endorsement.

Thank you, King County Democrats Endorsement Committee and all of the representatives from each of the local districts for hosting me for an interview. I really enjoyed meeting each one of you and I hope all of you got to know me a little better and my qualifications to earn your endorsement.